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Wow! Here's a repository of trememdous value, including history, build tips, reviews on kits, how to transition to high power, plans and how to build contest-winning rockets.
January/February 1999 3.2mb PDF
September/October 2000 1mb PDF
November/December 2000 585k PDF
January/February 2001 998k PDF

March/April 2001 589k PDF
May/June 2001 561k PDF

July/August 2001 484k PDF
September/October 2001 675k PDF
November/December 2001 517k PDF
Special Competition Issue, Winter 2001 423k PDF

January/February 2002 384k PDF
March/April 2002 345k PDF
May/June 2002 588k PDF
July/August 2002 786k PDF
September/October 2002 551k PDF
November/December 2002 1.78mb PDF
January/December 2003 1.22mb PDF