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Amazing Values in Kits, Hardware, Build Supplies, etc.

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Flis Kit Acme Spitfire — $18.00 plus shippingEmail contact
SOLD! Estes Trident II — $35.00 plus shipping Email contact

Estes Nova Payloader #1960 - $8.00 plus shipping Email contact

High Power Parachutes

Top Fligt Parachute Green 45 inch $20.00 — + shipping—Email contact
Recovery Technologiess Parachute 48 inch $30.00
— + shipping—Email contact
Parachute w/ protector 50 inch $55.00
— + shipping—Email contact

High Power Kits

LOC Precision Isis — kit new $65.00 + shipping—Email contact

North Coast Rocketry Big Brute — $125.00 + shipping—Email contact Extremely collectible NCR kit new in box with original shrink wrap

Body Tubes
BT-20 (12) in bag $20.00—
Email contact
BT-50 (2) in bag $ 5.00—Email contact
BT-80 (3) in rubber band $20.00—Email contact
BT-101 short tube $10.00—Email contact
Rocket Marking Guide plastic (new) $15.00—Email contact

Kits and parts
Semroc My Boid (2) $10.00 in original bags unopen—Email contact Sport kit
Standard AGM-78 unopen $20.00—Email contact Scale rocket of the U.S. Navy's Standard AGM-78 air or ship launched missile.
Estes Alpha II Kit number1421 — Only serious offers considered Email contact The holy grail of collector kits, most of us have never even seen an Alpha II kit. Did it really exist? Is the nose cone balsa or plastic? This kit has balsa fins, glue, 1 A8-3 motor and the laws of motion and the Estes story magazines. Alpha II went into production in 1963, created by Robert L. Cannon, Education Director at Estes. Robert saw that the schools would order kits and parts to have their students build model rockets and he came up with the idea to send the Alpha II kit as a educational kit. It was never marketed in any catologs. It was used for education only for teachers and schools. The kit has die-cut balsa fins. Photo of front of package. Photo of back. Regarding the age of the package: the challenge is to find an older sealed-package Alpha II out there. Any takers? Please email the owner contact above if a single example of this kit exists. Even if you have a static or flight photo of a built kit.
Estes Yankee Clipper number 1443 in bag production date 11/64 this kit has a real patch and it was used as the Estes Space program. — Only serious offers considered

Email contact
Estes Alpha III Kit number 1406 — $14 plus shipping Email contact Sealed box kit.
Estes Patriot Kit number 2056 in bag production date 1/03 — $10 plus shipping Email contact
Estes Hornet Kit number 3037 in bag production date 9/05 — $13 plus shipping Email contact
Estes Space Shuttle Glider Starter Kit number 1467 in bag production date 11/94 — $25 plus shipping — Email contact
Flight Systems F7-4 motor — Only serious offers from collectors considered Email contact An F7? Seriously? If this were still certified, it could be used for altitude attempts, gliders, maybe helicopters. This is an extremely rare find, and getting rarer. Other flight systems motors: A4-0 Booster, E60-6, F21-8 — Again, only serious offers from collectors considered Email contact
2 Alpha III Starter Set New unopen $20.00 each or both for $35.00—Email contact
MaxTrax Starter Set new unopen $30.00—Email contact
Tube Couplers Assortment pack (3) unopen for BT-55, BT-56, BT-60, BT-80 $20.00—Email contact
Streamer material (2) packets unopen $10.00—Email contact
Balsa Wood, 1 3/16", 1 1/8", 1 3/4" $10.00—Email contact
I also have other misc. body tubes and Nose Cones for high-power use—Email contact