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Other Colorado Rocketry clubs:
CRASH - Denver Rocketry Club
NCR - Northern Colorado Rocketry Club
Tripoli Colorado - Denver High Power Rocketry Club
SCORE - Pueblo Rocketry Club
SLV ROC - San Luis Valley Rocketeers, Alamosa
LRC - Longmont Rocketry Club

National Organizations
NAR - National Organization of Rocketry
Tripoli - Tripoli Rocketry Association
TARC - The American Rocketry Challenge

The Rocketry Forum - Online global discussion forum
Archive of Model Rocket Plans - Lots of stuff in various file formats from the old rec.models.rockets news group
Jimz Rocket Plans - Archives of most of the vintage rockets
Rocket Reviews - Formerly EMRR, Reviews of current kits, engines, virtual Rocksim contests Today's news about the final frontier
NASA Historical Images - Formerly Great Images in NASA (GRIN), now on Flickr
NASA History Division - A broad selection of NASA historical information

Estes Rockets - Rockets, planes and specialty products
Estes Educator - A HUGE RESOURCE CENTER for teachers and youth group leaders
Apogee Components - Colorado Springs based rocketry supplies vendor - and education!
Aerotech - High power reloadable engines and kits
The Rocket Garden - A northern Colorado based rocketry supplies vendor
Discount Rocketry - A California based online rocketry supplies vendor
Hobbylinc - An Atlanta Georgia based online hobby supplies vendor
Photos by Nadine - Colorado Springs based rocketry photographer
Giant Leap Rocketry - High Power kits and accessories

reach stars Reach for the Stars