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Some other sites you may find interesting.

Join the Yahoo email listserver:
1. Go to the link above.
2. Create an acount for yourself (Yahoo ID) if you do not already have one.
3. Go back to the link above and click on the Join This Group button.
4. You'll start receiving all the news, plus automated notices of regularly scheduled launches.


Other Colorado Rocketry clubs:
CRASH - Denver Rocketry Club
NCR - Northern Colorado Rocketry Club
Tripoli Colorado - Denver High Power Rocketry Club
SCORE - Pueblo Rocketry Club

National Organizations

Rocketry Online - An extensive rocketry resource
Model Rocket Site - New product news and interesting articles

Archive of Model Rocket Plans - Lots of stuff in various file formats
Jimz Rocket Plans - Archives of most of the vintage rockets

EMRR - Essence's Model Rocket Reviews of current kits, engines, virtual Rocksim contests
Space - Today's news about the final frontier
GRIN - Great Images in NASA Current and archived photos of spacecraft and space
• Ultimate free paper rockets site
• Check out Lance Alligood's page on how to build a spool rocket out of CDs

• Shockwave Rocketry - High power fiberglass nose cones
Estes Rockets - Rockets, planes and specialty products
Estes Educator - A HUGE RESOURCE CENTER for teachers and youth group leaders
Apogee Components - Your best source for specialty engines and components!
Aerotech - High power reloadable engines and kits
The Rocket Garden - Our mission is to offer competitive prices and the best customer service on the net.
Discount Rocketry - Model rockets, kits, rocket motors and supplies for the individuals as well as model rocket and rocket motor bulk packs for schools, scout and youth groups. From low and mid power model rockets, rocket motors and model rocket parts to high power rockets.
Hobbylinc - Offers over 56,000 items from 500+ manufacturers. Everything from Model Rockets, Model Trains, Plastic Models, and MUCH MUCH MORE, to all the Building Supplies you would ever need.
Magnum Rockets
Photos by Nadine
Compleat Games & Hobbies
Giant Leap - High power toys
Rocket Engines - Value Rocket offering good quality rocket engines, rocket fuel, model rockets, Estes rocket, rocket nozzle, rocket launch pad, rocket propellant and other rocket parts an a reasonable rate.
321 Rockets - Sells Estes model rocket kits, engines, and accessories at very competitive prices. Work closely with schools, scouts and church groups to offer products in bulk to save money.

Other Links
NASA History Division

reach stars Reach for the Stars