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Photos on this page: May 2014 through August

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6/14 Luanch at Peyton. Very warm, quite breezy but a great day with lots of attendees.

6/21 Launch at Hartsel with Tripoli Colorado. A good crowd with lots of low and high power flights. Extremely fun. 6/22 Launch with Tripoli. The biggest crowd and most launches we've seen in years. 6/28 Launch at Challenger Middle School. Lots of people, lots of great flying. Way more fun than Pikes Peak Hill Climb time trials. 6/22 Photos by Dave Hanson, link to Google Photos. Some really good stuff here. 6/21 Spring Fling launch at Hartsel photo album by the Manns. 6/21 Spring Fling photo album by Thad Zylka. 8/9 Peyton launch. Very light breeze, beautiful skies, lots of new faces. Fantastic flying. What a great day!
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8/9 Peyton photos from the Manns and a few onboard video stills from the Wetterers.

8/23 Photos at Challenger including some Thad Zylka and Jack Wetterer shots. Also, we inaugurate the brand-new vintage Estes rack, and get a look at the new trailer. Wow!


8/23 Photos of the Challenger launch by the Manns.    



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      Jack Wetterer onboard video from his Initiator at the 8/9 Peyton launch. WMV format. Jack Wetterer first onboard video from his Mean Machine at the 8/22 Challenger launch. WMV format. Jack Wetterer second onboard video from his Mean Machine at the 8/22 Challenger launch. WMV format.