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We launch sun or snow. Here's George Shaiffer's space shuttle parasite glider. December Holiday Blast.

    needrocketname A very cool rocket, launched from Peyton 6-25-05, but whose rocket it it? mosquitoupsize 6-25-05 Peyton launch of an upscale Mosquito.                                  
2stageoracle An 6-25-05 Oracle launch, this is the maiden voyage, and it's a 2-stage modification.     armegeddonator     A summer 05 launch of the Armegeddonator space fighter fantasy model. Photo: blue-yellow2stage   A summer 05 launch of a blue and yellow two-stage rocket.                              
exoskelexodus   October, 2005 Exo-Skell Mass Exodus setup, a joint launch with Tripoli Colorado in Hartsel.   interceptor  

Summer 2005, a vintage Estes Interceptor gets lit.

  lunarpatrol   A new build of a vintage Lunar Patrol, an MPC model from the late '60s.  
redrocket           A mid-power red rocket launchs from one of Ernie's box pads.   red&blackmidpower     A red and black midpower rocket takes off in Peyton. yellowcluster   A successful cluster rocket launch from Peyton.        
tonerload       Here's an oddroc... Ernest E. Puckett, Jr.'s toner cartridge from a laser printer, launched on a midpower rocket. Peyton, December Holiday Blast. cici   Edmunds CiCi stage 2 flight. Both stages glide down. December Holiday Blast Peyton flight. catchingoracle   Father and son run after their Oracle. 8-27 in Peyton.    
whitemidpower       8-27 a white midpower rocket takes off on a column of smoke and flame.   cruisemissle   8-27 a small cruise missle takes off for a beautiful flight.   sam   8-27 a SAM takes off.    
      8-27 Ernie's small-diameter midpower rail rocket on its way to a really high altitude.   8-27 a BP cluster rocket takes off.       8-27 a white rocket with extra fins reaches for the outer limits.      

Above photos:

Greg Elder photos: May Peyton launch
Greg Elder photos: April Peyton launch
Greg Elder photos: January Peyton launch of Greg's Estes Shadow modified for a 4-engine cluster

Cineroc film scanned using an oil immersion drum scanner. D12-0, C11-3 two stage flight on an Estes Magnum. 5/28/2005 at the Peyton site.

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