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A TARC team launches a test rocket from a 6" tube at Challenger Middle School in May, 2006. Photo:
  tubelaunch   morbidlyobeseboy   Morbidly Obese Boy in flight at Peyton. Photo: littlejoe     Little Joe 6, a free paper rocket launched at Peyton. Photo:     Fox Meadow Middle School TARC launch 3/29/06 photo album.  
Peyton TARC testing 4/2/06 photo album.
bigdaddy Warren actually launches a rocket! This is a Big Daddy two stager 2-26 in Peyton. Photo: darkrocket A 2-26 launch of a dark rocket into a fairly stiff wind. Photo:   rnw     Here's a red and white rocket taking off into the wind. 2-26 Peyton. Photo:  
TARC team test launches on 4-1-06.
sabots 5-6 A TARC team launches from a 6" tube. The sabots are just past the top of the tube. Photo:
4-1-06 CMCA TARC team's first official attempt.

  Videos   Must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.
tjark virgasilverbullet Introducing the new Apogee rocket... the Grappler. 7.5 mb launch video. Video by Dave Virga.
  Oracle flight      
Here's a great video! Dave Tjarks' L3 Cert flight at Hartsel, CO June 3, 2006 on an M1315. 11mb launch video. Video by Dave Virga. Two-stage Oracle video 6/17/06. 3.1 mb.   Dave Virga launched this Silver Bullet from Hartsel, Colorado on June 3 with an Aerotech G64-4W. 1.9 mb launch video. Video by Dave Virga.  
Warren Layfield's upscale SS1 takeoff. 512k. Video by Jeff Lane