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COSROCS is BIG on education!!
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Video of the Ball Interns' Stars 'N' Stripes flight at Chiliblaster/ULA/Ball launch on 7/18/15. This is an N class rocket with multiple payloads.    

COSROCS does a huge amount of educational work! Dozens of young potential rocket scientists build their first model at the annual Cool Science Carnival at UCCS.

Video of the ULA interns' Future flight at Chiliblaster/ULA/Ball launch on 7/18/15. This is a HUGE O-class rocket, with many payloads.


General Notices:
   City fire restrictions are lifted as of 6 Jan 2023.
   County fire restrictions are lifted as of 6 Jan 2023.
   Second Saturday Peyton launches are allowed at land owner's discretion.
   Follow the links above to verify current status.

Special Notice:
   Fourth Saturday launches at Challenger Middle School are CANCELLED.
   Stay tuned for additional information.

Upcoming Events:
   Spring Fling! A joint launch with Tripoli Colorado high power rocket club
   Saturday, 20 May 2023, 9:00am - 3:00pm
   Go to the Rocktivities page for directions to the Hartsel launch site.


   COSROCS Monthly Meeting and Summer Cookout!
   (Yes, it's a month early this year...)
   Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 6:00 - 9:00pm
   See the announcement on the COSROCS Calendar for directions.

ALWAYS check this page for any last-minute updates before proceeding to a launch site!

COSROCS Needs Volunteers! No prior experience is required.
We have a very busy outreach schedule, as usual. Help is needed for classroom build sessions and launch range operations.
Check the club calendar on our NAR Groups forum.


Join our club discussion forum here on the NAR Groups platform!

Printable membership application 48k PDF

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We have club T-shirts! Inquire at a meeting or launch. Multiple styles are available.


COSROCS is a non-profit community service provider and is sensitive to people who prefer not to have their photos posted. We have thousands of photos and videos posted from over twenty five years of community service. If you object to having your likeness on the site, please contact the webmaster and we will remove it (them).

COSROCS promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through fun and friendship, and is a community service non-profit organization.


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