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This is a blow-through CATO of a high power motor. COSROCS is all about safety, and we have fire suppression equiptment ready to go in case of emergency, but sometimes rocket motors just don't perform as expected.    

COSROCS does a huge amount of educational work. We launch hundreds of rockets each year with Boy Scouts, schools, churches, Team America Rocketry Challenge, NASA Student Launch Initiative, and Civil Air Patrol.

Here is the largest rocket ever flown in Colorado, the ULA Interns' "Future". This is just after separation of the booster stage from the sustainer loaded with payloads from all over Colorado.


TARC! CMCA video and photos.


Next events:

The next scheduled launch is April 26 at Challenger Middle School. Spring is in the air, and so are rockets!

Click here for the April Regional NAR contest events.

Results of the October NAR Regional here.

AND, we have the National Association of Rocketry's Annual Meet (NARAM) coming to Pueblo in 2014. So now's the time to get into the national points race (at the SCORE regional) and avoid the cost of travel. Click here for more info.


green tThe shirts are now in stock and we should have them at each launch and meeting.

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COSROCS offers classes in rocketry. These are an incredible opportunity for kids to engage in a fun and educational activity, hone their craftsmanship skills, and meet very special people. Click here to download an information PDF.  

COSROCS is a non-profit community service provider and is sensitive to people who prefer not to have their photos posted. We have thousands of photos and videos posted from twenty years of community service. If you object to having your likeness on the site, please contact the webmaster and we will remove it (them). You may also want to examine the photos posted in FreshInk (at left), which is the electronic version of the Gazette. We can remove any photos there, too.

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COSROCS promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through fun and friendship, and is a community service non-profit organization.

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