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Do you have a group that wants to learn about rocketry?
COSROCS can help!

We can help your organization with all aspects of your program,
and it's all free of charge!

Our program services include:

• Helping you choose the right rocket kit(s) and supplies
We will recommend the best kits and building supplies for you to procure, based on group size, participants' ages, previous experience, and any special needs.

• Expert-guided build sessions
There is no kit that our club members have not built! We can lead any size group through the most efficient sequence of steps, and ensure that any potential construction pitfalls are avoided.

• Controlled, safe, rocket launch operations
We will set up a professional model rocket launch range, and conduct your launch activity in full compliance with the National Association of Rocketry's Model Rocket Safety Code.
And everyone gets to push the button to launch their own rocket!

• Rocket Science Presentations
We can provide a multimedia presentation in a classroom or auditorium setting, tailored to your requirements. The topics covered in the presentation are:
- History of rockets
- Important rocket scientists throughout history
- Newton's Three Laws of Motion
- Rocket Motors – Solid vs Liquid
- Model Rockets – Principles of Operation
- Sounding Rockets
- Heavy Lift Rockets
- Manned Space Programs
- Current and Future Aerospace Activities

Are you ready to learn more?

Please contact Dave Virga, COSROCS President, at (719)237-4375